If you’re looking for Pilates Classes  in Tustin, Orange, CA, and the surrounding areas, I can help you to transform your body with my effective mat Pilates and Yoga training. Based in Orange, Judy Asman offers group, private and semi-private Mat Pilates classes.

Join Judy for Sunrise Mat Pilates

Starting in June 6, 2017, join Judy at her Sunrise Mat Pilates classes at Studio J Fit in Tustin. This will be an 8-week “killer core” series that takes place in the early morning, from 6 – 7 a.m. Sign up today »

Pilates Classes in Tustin, Orange, CA

Certified by NESTA as a Spencer PilatesTM instructor, I design programs using the mat and ball. Founded on the classical principles of Pilates, my classes honor Joseph Pilates’ original intentions with Contrology:

“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” — Joseph H. Pilates

My approach also includes contemporary mat and ball movements, which were designed by renowned fitness trainer Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Throughout each workout, I remain focused on the client’s form, breathing and modifications to suit individual levels and needs.

The results? The most enjoyable time of your day so you walk away feeling stronger, invigorated, flexible and proud of your efforts!

Now Offering Yoga!

Mat Pilates is often compared to Yoga. While many of the Joseph Pilates-designed movements are reminiscent and even influenced by 5,000-year old Yoga poses, there are significant differences in execution, focus and intensity. That said, my extensive experience in Yoga preceded my learning Pilates. I started in Hatha Yoga and later learned Power techniques in various settings. The courses I offer will include slow-moving but higher intensity vinyasa sequences designed for flexibility that comes naturally and core strength using our own body resistance.

The Focus is on YOU

I have practiced mat Pilates for 12 years. My fitness background includes group exercise instruction, circuit coaching and meal plan consulting. The clients I work with all say the same thing—I bring value to their fitness efforts thanks to my awareness and knowledge of proper form. I focus on results, always observing the progress of my clients and noticing when they’re ready to advance to the next level.

My background in jazz and ballet, plus martial arts and various forms of strength training, fuels my conscientious and energetic approach to training. Most important, I always instruct on the basis that it’s all about you—the client. I commit to respecting your fitness level, paying attention to where you are and what you want to achieve.

Develop Lean Body Tissue. Get Flexible. Feel Good About Yourself.

Are you ready to give yourself or your students the best break of the day? Let’s do this!